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Starlight Hall

Oof, that building looks fancy...should we really go inside?
Starlight Hall is a small building with a large cellar in the district of Siren street in the settlement of Korda. The Guards have been called here several times. They know that deep funny business takes place here but they have yet to catch any.  

The Area

Few people realize that the district, Siren Street, is named after the small street that runs through the entire district and cuts through the two larger streets that surrounds it. The Starlight Hall sits on this street in the middle of the district. It's a hard building to miss.  

The Exterior

The building has a large fancy sign above its large glass double doors. The windows at the front of the building, facing Siren Street, are large while the windows on the other sides of the building are small and covered up. The walls are made out of red stone and the roof is made out of Copper.  

The Interior

Inside, behind the large glass double doors is a clean foyer, with fancy couches and nice paintings. Visitors will be greeted by an employee that will take their jacket, hand them a number and ask them to stand in line next to a ticket booth at the end of the room. After you have paid for your visit and had your hand stamped you see a large staircase with copper handles leading down.   The room downstairs is huge and here people party and buy drinks from the bar along the same wall next to where the stairs let out. There are also doors along the left and right of the room. In front of these stands large people with grim faces. Depending on a visitor's stamp they will be let through or not. Across from the stairs, there are a set of large glass double doors. Behind these doors, the visitors will find tonight's entertainment.  


There are shows in the building every night, everything from strip shows, to psychics, to orchestras.   Notable people who have had a show here are: Twilight Tones, Izahn The Great and Rhen The Mysterious.
Owning Organization
Opening hours
Weekdays: 1pm-2am
Weekends: 5pm-4am


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