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Crystal Clearing

Zamarca, what kind of shop is this? Can we go in and look?
August and Zamarca
This luxurious shop is one of the oldest shops of this kind in the city of Korda. It polishes the exoskeletons of Bugfolk and gives them intricate nonpermanent tattoos in ultraviolet color.  


This shop was not the first of this kind in the world. Not even the first of this kind in Korda. It is however the oldest shop still standing. The other shops of this kind that are currently operating have opened during the last 200 years.   The first owner of this shop was a fabric maker at first but he did not enjoy his job. He had been polishing his sibling's exoskeletons while he grew up and he wanted to work as a polisher. He had tried getting an apprenticeship while growing up but nobody would take him on. After working as a fabric maker for 5 years he stopped and opened his own store as a polisher. He was naturally very good at drawing so people went to him for his tattoos even though he wasn't that good at polishing. He became better after a couple of years though and his shop grew more popular than the others.  

The Area

This shop sits next to The Grand Bathhouse on Old Center Square . This store has been in this building since 767 RO when the store opened, however, the building was rebuilt from wood to stone in 1007 RO. The store was closed during the time it took to rebuild the building.  

The exterior

The building houses not only this shop but a couple of other shops as well. On the second floor is a couple of apartments. The wooden door to the store has intricately carved flower decorations. Next to the door is a large display window. In the display window, there are several easels with what looks like empty canvases to the Elves and Beastfolk that pass the store. From on top of the door hangs a sign that has the name of the store.  

The interior

The room behind the door is medium-sized for a store in this area of the city with around 8x5 meters. Against the long walls, there are 6 mirrors each. In front of these mirrors, there are wooden benches that have the same intricately carved flower decorations as the entrance door.   Against the short wall, across from the entrance door, is a drapery. Behind the drapery is a couple of personnel rooms.   From the ceilings and on the walls hang ivy and pots with other kinds of plants and flowers.
Barber / Dentist / Surgery
Opening hours
Weekdays: 10am-6pm
Weekends: 10am-6pm
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