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O'le Esari

The once-shining capital of the Ethar Empire.

Winding cobblestone streets and flowing canals criss-crossed by arched bridges. A diverse cluster of buildings, parks, temples, shops, markets of all shapes, colors and sizes, all circling the centerpoint of the city: the O'le Esari Citadel.

After the Collapse, O'le Esari was a hotspot for all criminal activity. A majority of all riots, arsons, and protests took place here. Many of the original citizens, people who had lived there their entire lives, for generations, left.

The city became something of a ghost town, falling into a state of general disrepair. Only a few thieves' guilds remained, until they realized that none of them wanted that territory. There was nothing to steal or make money from for miles. Everyone with a bit of coin to their name left the second thing turned bad. So then the city became truly empty. Its once-glorious churches, buildings, shops, and homes became nothing more than the crumbling, skeletal remains of a long dead capital.

But in the past decades, movement has been stirring in the city. Hundreds of young and old people alike have taken it upon themselves to rebuild, repair, and improve the city, back to its former glory and beyond. Many of them have never set foot in the city, but the stories told to them by their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents are enough to make them want to go there.

Traveling there now, you will find a city that may, from a distance, still seem like a ruin. But, approaching closer, and entering the central Citadel, you will find bustling, colorful streets draped in fabric and light. The cracked cobblestone streets clicking pleasantly as you walk, you will be met by warm smiles, bright eyes, and invitations in for dinner. The Citadel was the place hit hardest by the riots, as people wanted to destroy anything and everything reminiscent of the people who oppressed them for so long. But the people of O'le Esari have truly transformed it into a joy-filled, warm place to be proud of.

The citizens of the Citadel are truly like a family, everyone knows each other's names and they are always happy to lend a couple eggs, some spices, or just a helping hand. But the road here wasn't easy, quite literally. The roads between the cities are treacherous and patrolled by thieves and pirates. All of the families risked their lives to come to O'le Esari, and then put in the hard work that was needed to rebuild the beautiful buildings of the Citadel. They bricked walls back together, constructed new windowpanes for windows and had to rebuild the entire insides of many buildings where fires had been set. All of the repairs that have been made only add to the patchwork, mismatched charm of the New Citadel.

Patron God: Solaes: God of the Sun and Life. One of the first things to be built was a temple in Solaes' honor, and the townspeople do their best to honor them every day.


A very diverse city, with people of almost all races. Most people are quite poor, but money is not really needed here as most people are familiar with one another and instead exchange favors or trade goods.


P.C: Monarchal government. Large concentration of Empire Guard, low crime rates.

P.R: No government per se, but people look out for one another, and word spreads quickly. If someone does something untoward to another townsperson, everyone else will know to look out for that person befire the day's end.


The New Esarians have not built many things from scratch, but they have rebuilt an entire part of the city and are moving on to the rest of it.
Alternative Name(s)
The Old Capital, the New Citadel.
Inhabitant Demonym

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