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Traversing the steep and uninviting slopes of the Brighriden Range, you may find yourself hearing sounds of clanging metal being carried by the wind. Do not fret, as these sounds are not a figment of your tired, frozen brain, but simply the colossal, tiered, mountainous mining city of Ko'varos. Enter through the immense iron door in the clifface and ride the metal plate all the way down into the deep.

Ko'varos is a city consisting of 4 tiered Districts: (from the top down) Mightgarde, the city's defense, politics and justitiary hub, as well as the home of some of the upper class citizens; Midgrave, the largest tier, which is purely a housing district for Ko'varos citizens; Emberdrift, which is the city's industrial district, home to the enormous forges of Ko'varos, all manner of shops and the city's famed underground market; And finally, Irondeep, which is the smallest tier, housing only a few supply stores and the entrances to the extensive mycelium of mineshafts that run throughout the entire Brighriden Range and surrounding areas.

Ko'varos does not run on a typical day/night cycle according to the sun, instead the citizens live by six hour "shifts". Each citizen is attuned to a certain shift and spend six hours working and then the six hours until their next shift doing what they like.

Patron deity: Wen'dolyn: Patron of Blacksmiths


The citizens of this city are mostly dwarves, around 9 million of them. Other than that, there are also roughly 5 million gnomes and 3 million humans. Ko'varos is also home to about 1 million kobold, which is the largest amount of kobold in any civilization.


Ko'varos is run by a group of businessowners and moguls. The city depends on the free market economy and is largely unrestricted. The citizens buy, sell, and trade wares mostly as they please, and pay no tax to the government. There is hardly any education system in the city, and most commoners you meet will not be proficient in reading or writing. There are laws, but they are unspecific and remain relatively unreinforced by the Ko'varos Protectors.


Ko'varos does not have a traditional military, and has not taken part in any wars since the Collapse. The mountain range serves as a natural protector from any invading army, and as such there are only a few Protectors stationed at the door to the city. In a few incidents, the mines have been invaded from below by fiend sieges, but the city's citizens came together and fought to defend their home. Additionally, the city is working on developing machines and techonology to fight for them, inventing things such as guns and mechanical cannons that have been placed around the city entrance in case of attack.


Most of the citizens of Ko'varos are in the mining business, and spend their days deep in the shafts searching for valuable ore. Ko'varos is also a popular home for aspiring inventors and tinkerers because of the close access to resources. Others still spend their days in the towering furnaces that both power the city and allow for the creation of tools and supplies. The most vital imports to the city is fresh food, as the mountains don't allow for farming of plants or animals, and not very many food sources do well in dim caves underground.


The mines of Ko'varos were opened in the cycle 7 P.R. In the beginning it was a small mining town, that remained very isolated from the outside world. However, as more and more rare and valuable ore was excavated from the Brighriden Range, it drew the attention of many miners hoping to find their fortune and rebuild their lives after the Collapse. It slowly started to grow, and it garnered even more attention as people realized that the mines' veins never ran out of precious metals; there always seemed to be more ore.

The city continued to gradually grow and expand and more people interested themselves for the development of more uses for all the metal that was being mined in the mountains. Many mechanical and technological advances have been made in this city, including the invention of the first gun, and the rising and falling metal plate that brings travellers and locals alike up and down between the surface world and the city.


The homes in Ko'varos are generally made of stone, with little to no decoration seen from the outside. As a city with a subpar law enforcement, it is best to keep declarations of wealth out of the public eye. However, inside of the homes you will often find a warm, inviting decor, with soft fabrics covering the cold stone and glowing fireplaces to combat the natural chilling effect of the underground setting.


Ko'varos is located in the center of the Brighriden Range, a treacherous expanse of peaks and slopes.

Natural Resources

Iron, gold, silver, platinum, copper, granite, marble et cetera.
Alternative Name(s)
Also known as Ko'va.
Circa 20,000,000.
Inhabitant Demonym

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