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Wen'dolyn: Patron of Blacksmiths

Wen'dolyn Warmstone

Patron Deity of Ko'varos.

According to legend, Wen'dolyn was born to the Warmstone clan in Ko'varos in the year 9 P.R. The Warmstones were one of the first clans to settle in Ko'varos after the Collapse. She was raised by the city's first generation of master blacksmiths, and quickly showed a natural talent for the art. She went on to make masterful swords, perfectly weighted for its wielder with an edge so thin it could slice a sheet of parchment, and armor perfectly fitted for legendary adventurers and heroes.

One day an unfamiliar figure entered her workplace, and asked for a custom sword. The figure was a human woman, with flowing white hair. She claimed to be a warrior, but didn't mention any army, and looked too young to have been a White Wing. As Wen'dolyn meticulously slaved over the greatsword, she took care to add extra details. Something about the woman had made her want to prove herself.

When the sword was finished, Wen'dolyn herself was schocked at its beauty. It was truly a work of art, every edge perfectly curved, the hilt gilded and wrapped in braided leather. She knew for sure, that this was the best sword she had ever made.

When the woman entered the shop to pick up her weapon, it fit her grip ike a glove. She held out her arm and squinted down the length of it, making note of the perfectly straight blade. The woman took a few practice swings, and the blade whistled beautifully as it sliced through the air. The sword was truly perfect.

The woman in the store that day was none other than Tyrus: Goddess of Protection and War. As thanks for the flawless weapon, Tyrus granted Wen'dolyn the status of a deity. Wen'dolyn has since taken the role as goddess and protector of blacksmiths, personally tutoring people she sees hold great promise. She has taught many master blacksmiths since becoming a deity, and created weapons and armor for several other gods.

Divine Domains

Smithing, Armory

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An anvil


Wen'dolyn: Patron of Blacksmiths

Devotee (Vital)

Towards Tyrus: Goddess of Protection and War



Tyrus: Goddess of Protection and War

Patron (Important)

Towards Wen'dolyn: Patron of Blacksmiths




Tyrus granted Wen'dolyn deity status, and they have been very close since.

Divine Classification
Year of Birth
9 (154 years old)
Pale green
Shoulder length, red, curly

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