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Nicolas Deshary

Written by stoopid.ry-en

physical features and sense of style
  Nicolas Deshary is the the prince and second son of the Deshary family. he has long, black hair that he usually attach with a pale green or honey yellow ribbon. He has pale, pastis green eyes and pale skin. his slim figure goes very well with his hight, mesuring 6,1 feet, a very common high, even a bit small for a Loonian. he isn't very strong but his agility and flexibility are both very impressive.   he usually wear a black long-sleeved turtle neck with black baggy pants. the long-sleeved turtle neck has an inscription in Loonian saying "second prince, Nicolas Deshary". these shirts saying who you are were very popular at that time mostly when you were someone important. the inscription is usually written in white. he also wears a blue-grey cape.  
psychological features
  Nicolas Deshary can look polite and nice on the outside, but when you get to know him, he becomes an asshole. he's an horrible liar because of his obvious tics like:  
  • playing with his fingers
  • scratching his head
  • twirling his hair
  He will often laugh at your face, experienced by many of his friends or family. Nicolas also loves playing with people's mind, asking them questions or annoy them to the point where the person he was messing with get out his knife to threatens him. He doesn't have any mental illnesses and doesn't stress easily. he's a bit weird, but only because people don't understand how he thinks. for exemple, in a lecture exam, he may starts counting on his fingers. it's usually to calculate how much time each questions will take and evaluate how much time he should take to read the entire text. He's a genius, but in a different way that we would think.   He has a great memory. for exemple, he once remembered a completely random young woman that had said to him that her grandmother had passed away, demanding for funds for her funeral. the next year, he went to her adress on the same date of the funeral, and brought her a present.   even if he doesn't sound like it after all these explanations, he's a sweet and caring guy. You just need to get used to his sense of humour a bit off and his weird way of thinking.  
His Family
  He's the second prince of Loon, his father is sir Aurôkin Deshary 1st and his mother, lady Narkan. they where married because of an alliance between a certain dragon clan living in the southwest and Loon's ruler, Joshen Deshary 3th, the father of the king and the grandfather of Nicolas. He has an older brother, Oden Deshary, and an older sister, Named Shiraineshu Denan. she is married to the prince of Ry, which is the reason why her last name is different.  
  Nicolas love Dimisus, Demerons, regional food, poisoning and nocturn killing classes, drawing, reading novels, responding to letters, taking walks in the city, talking with sage dragon/old people and guards because they're the only interessing people in his opinion. He absolutly adores flying on a Deshary.   He hates piano, doing nothing, being bored, his father, coffee, anything too salty, cooking, studying close combat tactics and army leading classes, kids, spiders, humans (like the three quarters of the world), and mountains snakes.  
other random information
  • he's 18 years old
  • He's an half-dragon, half-Loonian
  • He can kill a Shuny with a single bow and arrow
  • He has a "crow"
  • He's "possessed" by the second twin
Date of Birth
28 of July, Lenoshi era
pastis green
long, straight, raven black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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Author's Notes

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