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Oshiri's castle

The Oshiri's castle is the official residence of the Nicolas Deshary and the rest of his family. it's situated on the north mountain of Loon. you can get there by Desharys or Demerons. it's less complicated to use the Deshary because they are pubic and you cannot get lost in all the footbridges and bridges constructed to walk there.  
  The immense castle has been built just in the middle of the top and the foot of the north mountain. the entries are built outside of the rock, but everything beside some towers and windows are built inside of the mountain. Inside, the floor, just as the doors, are made of pine. The pillars are usually made of sculpted rock by the dwarfs of the east section of the map. There are plants EVERYWHERE, most are in the room of Nicolas Deshary and his brother's who are both plant fanatics, though with different tastes.  
The library
  The most beautiful place in the whole palace cannot be anything else other than the library. Gorgeous wooden shelves, with a mezzanine at least 8 foot from the floor. a staircase to get to the mezzanine was build in woon at the right when entering the room. five stairs, then a platform and another five stairs. the wooden planks were used by all the foots of people going up to the other section of bookshelves and reading areas. in one of these specific spots, a small greenhouse with chairs was set for the two sons.   to hold the mezzanine in place, two, beautiful, sculpted pillars were sustaining it. On them, two huge dragon where twirling around, their claws insered in the rock. they where referred as the twins for their similarities, though everybody knew that the sculptor that made them probably was just, not really good with dragons.   most of the books were old, dusty and used, which made the ambience 10 times better. there were four rows of bookshelves on both top and bottom. they were all classified in very specific ways, which made the search way easier. there was also a very kind and patient librarian, which the first born son was scared of when he was little because of the way he looked at you with judjing eyes when you talked too loud. No need for words, only the looks were scary enough to know that you speaked to loud.   the old librarian in question had white long hair with completely white eyes, greyish, pale skintone. He didn't like kids. you could always see him walking around with books int he corridors, telling to childrens to stop running. The old man didn't have a family, nor grandchildrens, but he had took under his wings Nicolas, which he thought all the mischevious things he new, he also thought him how to read and write correctly.

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