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Basic Information


The resemble the Tatzelwurm from the Germanic folklore the font part of their body resembled one of a cat and the rear part resembles one of a snake. Thir body is covered in soft fur and the belly is covered in scales like a snake.   They have 2 arms with handpaws with some level of dexterity, sort of like a raccoon

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce sexually , the sexes are male and female with one baby grown inside the mother at the time, it can take up to 5 months to gestate a tatzelwurm

Growth Rate & Stages

It takes 10 years for a tatzelworm to reach adult size and reach sexual maturity at the age of 7. but their mental capacity peaks at the age of 15

Dietary Needs and Habits

They are omnivorous and, the diet best suited for them is one of complex carbohydrates and protein rich foods, they have high sensitivity to sugars , so diabetes is a common problem

Biological Cycle

During the growth stage of the individual tatzelworm it would shedd the belly scales

Additional Information

Social Structure

They can get along with other tatzelworms, but they are normally the only one in each household, the information about the way their society is organized in inconclusive


They are fully domestic

Uses, Products & Exploitation

They often work an en extra pair of eyes and ears and sometimes can be used for tracking

Facial characteristics

Their faces resemble the one of a streamlined cat with long pointy ears, with whiskers on the muzzle and wet nose

Geographic Origin and Distribution

It is mostly concentrated in The american continent but it can be fund in almost any country.

Average Intelligence

Thri intelliegence can rival the ones of primates, that intelliegence makes them valuable. However they arte often stubborn and not so easilly made obedient specially when it comes to "tricks"

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their's eyesight eyesight and hearing are enviable even among demi-humans which makes them valuable in some areas of work they have a better sense of smell than a human but not to the level of a dog
40 to 50 years
Conservation Status
This species is fully domestic from the start though there are a few sightings of stray ones, those are very quickly adopted as they are looked after pets.
Average Height
in "standing" posture, about 30 cm
Average Weight
20 to 30 kgs
Average Length
1 meter
Average Physique
They are mostly lean, with muscular bodies and soft fur to the touch
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their eye colors are: tan, green, blue, with colors ranging from white to golden to brown to black, with the belly scales being almost always white. greyscale examples are very exotic.

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