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Osiris is composed of many talented people, from all ethnicities, and origins. This diverse group is held together by their shared belief that transhumanism is the key to better humanity. What separates them, however, is how they plan to do so.
  Osiris is one of The Five. Osiris was founded by the denizens of the Redwood Arcology and the newly-independent Meroce. Their primary goal is to better humanity through various transhumanist pursuits.

A Better Species

While they may disagree on how, exactly, to approach it— each school of Osiris works towards the goal of improving humanity via transhumanism. To this end, Osiris' scholars research fervently, aiming to solve each and every perceived problem with the human form.   What one may find to be a mechanical failure of our bodies, another may see as an essential component of our experience.


Extra Info

Redwood Arcology
The Obelisk
Primary Territory
Meroce, Arcologist
  With this vast array of opinion, any and all methods to improve the human condition are tried and tested, be it genetic modification, mechanical augmentation, or outright uploading one's mind into a digital space. The various schools often disagree with one another's methods, leading to occasional in-fighting, backdoor deals, as well as secretive research.  

An Open Door

In order to achieve their goals, Osiris keeps an open door to all who share their vision. After all, varied backgrounds help to produce varied ideas and solutions. Members of the other factions have, on many occasions, defected in order to join Osiris, a notable example of this would be Yysiad— who managed to escape the Deserite Congregation.  


Osiris' history starts with that of two separate groups— the residents of the Redwood Arcology, and the Meroce of Titan.  

The Bastion

The Redwood Arcology was still under construction off the coast of California when the Cremation occurred. Luckily for those who sought shelter within the heavily protected megastructure, it was complete enough to protect them from the Chariot as they turned everything outside to rubble and ash. It would also serve as the perfect point from which to rebuild human society in the aftermath, with everything necessary to be self sufficient already within.   After only 6 years, however, one of the arcology's desalinization plants would fail— creating a dire shortage of clean water for its residents. To repair it would require ample time, and outside materials. And so, many made the difficult decision to leave. Those who left would search for new sources of water, founding new settlements where they did. Once their survival was guaranteed, they finally began the hunt for the materials needed to repair their former home.


Over the years, the Redwood Arcology has been repaired, retrofitted, and repainted so many times that it would be almost unrecognizable to those who first built it.   One thing has remained unchanged, however— its mysterious armor.   The armor that protected it from the Chariot is made of a material still unknown to this day.
This hunt would begin a steady expansion through the west coast, causing cities to slowly rise from the ashes of what once was. While it only took three years to finally repair the desalinization plant, the hearts of the Arcologists were now burning with a new desire— a desire to build a new world, one that was better than the one they left behind. And so, their expansion continued— until meeting with the Deserite Congregation in the east. Friendly relations quickly broke down after the refusal of most Arcologists to convert to the Deserite faith. The two groups would war over their shared border for years afterwards, with altercations still occurring to this day.   It was one of the arcology's own research teams that would invent the coil drive— and accidentally spark the race to colonize the solar system. Ironically, they had no desire to expand into the stars, and instead wished only to rebuild Earth.  

The Modified

The Last Dynasty required vast amounts of fuel for their war efforts— ample amounts of which could be found on Titan. However, unlike their home territory of Mars, the atmosphere of Titan was primarily made up of nitrogen— and could not be converted into breathable oxygen. The feasability of locating, extracting, and defending the fuel found within was quite low— and so, a different approach was suggested. Genetic modification. The Last Dynasty would create the Meroce, humans that could breathe easily within Titan's deadly atmosphere, to extract and defend the fuel for them.   The Meroce would be exploited for cheap, backbreaking labor. This was made worse due to their inability to breathe oxygen, which gave them no chance of escaping the moon and pursuing better lives. It wasn't long until a Duster was born among them— and gave them the power needed to revolt against their creators. During their revolution, they would make their existence known to the outside world— gaining the attention of the Redwood Arcology, which had already housed a large number of transhumanists.   Already at odds with the Last Dynasty, and eager to help what they saw as proof of their ideals, the Redwood Arcology offered significant military aid in the fight for the Mercoe's independence. After a hard-fought five-year war, they would claim their freedom, and found Osiris hand in hand with the Redwood Arcology. With their size and power, the new faction would immediately cement itself as one of The Five, and begin working towards their vision for the future of humanity.  


Osiris is fairly democratic in its structure, beliving that diversity is key to their continued survival. As such, the faction lacks a figurehead altogether. Instead, it is split into five schools— groups bound together by ideology. Each school is headed by a dean, who is appointed periodically by the school's members. Each dean then comes together to form the Obelisk— a commitee which handles large-scale things such as faction-wide law, foreign relations, and settling high profile disputes.  

School of Horus

The School of Horus believes that they should focus on healing and helping others first and foremost. Members of this school travel the galaxy offering humanitarian aid. Their transhumanist efforts are honed in on preventing and curing diseases, and injuries.   Current dean: Lavay Na

School of Shu

The School of Shu believes in a more practical approach to bettering humanity. According to them, perfectionism and slow, careful experimentation will make their goals unachieveable. And so, they cut corners, in order to realize their goals in a reasonable timeline.   Current dean: The Jar— a hivemind of previous deans.

School of Maat

The School of Maat is comprised of those frustrated with the slow adoption of transhumanist ideals outside of Osiris. They believe that they must bring their ideology to the greater world through any means possible— often resorting to violent force.   Current dean: Tryz

School of Anhur

The School of Anhur is largely reviled by the other schools, as rather than improving humanity, they wish to utilize transhumanist practices to improve profit— and create better soldiers. They are, however, essential to the defense of Osiris— ensuring their continued stay.   Current dean: Prahop Nowor

School of Geb

The School of Geb carries on the spirit of the Redwood Arcology, and is, in fact, seated within the arcology to this day. They wish to reclaim Earth's former glory, while at the same time shaping it into something more sustainable.   Current dean: Nolavorad Jol


Osiris' military is backed heavily by the School of Anhur, who frequently develop new weapons, tactics, and provide a significant portion of the faction's soldiers. Military service is entirely optional— with incentives for the enlisted depending on which school they belong to. Some soldiers are modified to suit their role, either through genetic modification, mechanical augmentations, or having their bodies placed into war machines. This, too, however, is entirely optional— at least, outwardly. The School of Anhur keeps many secrets regarding its war machines in particular.   Their weaponry and tactics are as diverse as their people— though a larger percentage is developed by the Redwood Arcology and Meroce. Osiris' tactics and tools are adapted quickly to any situation they find themselves in, in a sense becoming an extension of their shared ideology. Standard issue weapons are constructed to be easily interchangable, allowing soldiers to quickly respond to changes on the battlefield. These modular weapons are referred to as Amalgamats, and are comprised of both mechanical and organic components.  

Wandering Eyes

A trio of dusters from the School of Horus are well known throughout the galaxy as the Eyes of Horus. They are usually dispatched to aid in emergencies where non-dusters are either unavailable, or entirely unable to save lives.


Osiris owns the entirety of Titan, much of the northwest of North America— notably including their capitol of the Redwood Arcology— which borders Deserite territory to the southeast. They also control a significant portion of western Asia, bordering the Last Dynasty in the east.  



The Alchemist

The green-flamed wheel of the Chariot, known as the Alchemist, roams Osiris' territory. The wheel ominously floats near Titan, and occasionally over Earth, creating new material from seemingly nothing as it does so. Comets, asteroids, short-term stars— many mysterious objects are left in its wake. Anything that crosses through it is warped and combined, making it a great hazard for pilots in the area. Humans who have the misfortune of crossing the Alchemist's path will come out the other side as Faceless.


Author's Notes

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Wow, this is so well thought out. I really like the sound of the School of Horus, because they seem quite nice. I'm also very intrigued by The Jar.

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Thank you! They are haha, the Eyes of Horus are the main characters of most of the unreleased short stories, even.   I'll write more about The Jar when I write the article on the Obelisk!

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This is an awesome way of handling transhumanism. I love the thought that goes into the different schools and the Egyptian flair really fits the theme for me. I love the idea of the jar personally.   I also like how each school is presented here as a part of the whole rather than individual schools of thought. While they each may have their on philosophy, each is needed in their own way for the whole to function, tying back into the myth of osiris. That's just a beautiful touch there.

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