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Heliodarna is a world of different continents all with their unique culture and history. The world is home to the Guild known as Primal Dawn, a guild that took its name from a group of heroes famous in three continents. The world itself is full of vastly different environments, from the artic island of Austerith, to the Great Opatran Desert, from the Volcanic Red Waste to the grim and marsh covered Wetlands.

Table of Contents



Legends of the Shield

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

Warriors on a journey to greatness in the most dangerous region in Ardatia.

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The Red Circle

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

A deep dive into political dealings and espionage within the Opatran cities of Heliodarna.

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Straka's Legacy

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

A journey across Grecia, visiting it's ancient sites searching for heirlooms to revive a lost lineage.

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  • Map of Mer Sharim

    A small village located in the Tarka Desert near Ashak

  • Map of Mazteca
  • Map of The Wetlands
  • Map of Nezzah

    The Jewel of the Desert, Nezzah is a prospering city of tourism and trade.

  • Map of Opartra
  • Map of Shieldlands
  • Map of Marble Coast
  • Map of Metrus
  • Map of Usilia
  • Map of Ardatia

    Ardatia is made up of 5 separate regions/kingdoms. These regions are; The warrior nation of the Shieldlands, The Sophisticated and Organised Marble Coast, The underground dwellers of Metrus, The grim, wet, marshy Wetlands, The disciplined and elegant Usilia. Each region has it's own cultures, religions and styles. The regions populace have adapted to live in their respective regions, where the lay of the land is rather unique to that culture.

  • Map of Draconia
  • Map of Austerith

    A small frozen region, yet to be fully conquered. Home to a small Marbilite whaling settlement.

  • Map of Kyrea

    The largest port city in Grecia.

  • Map of Ashak
  • Map of Quick River
  • Map of Old Valtyvian Empire

    The OVE (Old Valtyvian Empire) is made up of 5 regions that used to make up an empire. These regions are; The god revering, political Grecia, The great horse nation of Hungola, The sprawling metropolis of Helstav, The duel natured Mazteca and The hot sands of Opatra. Each regions hold different gods in reverence, has different races and cultures. The regions were once united but now they are much less so.