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Schönbrunn Palace

The Heart of the Empire

The Palace is a magnificent building in Vienna, the capital of Austria and residence of the Empress Elisabeth II.


An impressive building surrounded by gardens, fountains, grassland, forrested paths and filled with a myriad of presents gifted to the Empire over the centuries, Schönbrun Palace is a fitting home for the ruling family. The Empress has greatly added to the property and for the last ten years she has continously had work done on the palace itself. The new additions are decidedly ominous in style and colour, some have described them as looking sickly.

It's massive size proofs quite troublesome for visitors, supplicants and servants but neither the stoic guards nor the Empress seem to mind or indeed have any trouble themselves.

The additions are the brainchild of one Hugo Lingeri, a Swizz Architect and confidant of the Empress.

In Vienna rumours are abound about the Empress sleeping in a new room each night, that servants routinely go missing in its bowels and that at night strange vapours and screams from the palace often plague the neighbouring districts.

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