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Elisabeth II

The Eternal Empress

After the sudden death of her husband, Zita of Bourbon-Parma, now widow of th Emperor Karl I of Austria, reigned while her son Otto, the heir to the empire was still too young. During that time she proved to be a capable politician and remade the empire to allow for her own corronation after the unforseen deaths of all of her male children, taking the crown as Elisabeth II.

Her position had never been especially safe, given the strange circumstances that had raised her to the throne but she was quick to ally openly with Switzerland and embracing their inventions, expertise and counsel. Under her rule Austria-Hungary has become a focal point for Kybernetic technology outside of Switzerland, providing many of the implants carried by the nobles of Europe as well as their armies.

In 1930 she visited Switzerland for the last time, returning visibly and mentally changed with many new implants gracing her form. Since then she has not left her residence in Schönbrunn Palace, leading her Empire through intermediaries and by forcing supplicants to beg at the palace gates. Those who have seen her since describe her wandering the halls of the Palace like a ghost, sublime but alien and often forcing even her personal servants to leave before she enters a room.


Known Kybernetics

  • Aeternum - a unique piece of kybernetic art, connected to every organ, every limb, every piece of flesh left in the Empress. A delicate implant, it sits next to the heart and like it, it pumps continously, transporting strange chemicals throughout the body, ensuring that every cell is forever frozen in eternal youth.
  • A.E.I.O.U - a device allowing the Empress to speak with unearthly conviction, allowing her to modulate the frequencies produced by her larynx, it is named for the motto of her house Austriae est imperare orbi universo "It is Austria's destiny to rule the whole world".

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Deity ka_jan
Jan Kaltenecker
6 Dec, 2021 11:34

May Kyber-Sisi rule eternally!

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