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Roth-Steyr M1914-E II


Designed by Roth-Steyr for officers and cavalry men of the Common Army. Based on the design of the M1907, this model features several changes from the base design.

The M1907 is a self-loading, semi-automatic pistol featuring no removable magazine, fixed sights, a lanyard ring and no safety-latch, but a heavy trigger pull to compensate.

In comparison the "E II" is a self-loading, 3-round burst-fire capable pistol. It features three barrels, stacked on top of each other, an extended 16-round integral magazine, features a holster safety which fixates the trigger and keeps the heavy trigger pull of the M1907.

The pistol can be reloaded from the top by use of a stripper clip, it uses a caseless 8mm cartridge to aid in simplifying the already complicated firing mechanism, by removing the need for a casing ejection system.


There is no E I, after it was accepted for service in the Common Army, it was named to honour the Empress Elisabeth II.

-fun fact  

The caseless ammunition leads to increased fouling, and the three barrels mean there's even more. Truly a gun for people who want to do nothing but cleaning this blood thing.

-NPC commentary  

Nonsense. I used one for years in the army. Didn't clean it once.

-NPC commentary  

Because your adjutant did it for you!

-NPC commentary

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