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Durithil, the King's Rock

In my world of Haunt there is a metal called Durithil. It is a metal found in the Kargorn mountains that is extremely tough and durable, and when smelted down and turned into arms or armor it has the unique properties of being nigh unbreakable and highly resistant to magic. Called the king's rock it is sought after by empires and warlords to help augment their weaponry and to improve their armies. Arms and armor made by from durithil is called sunsteel for its gleam and shine that marks its wielders above all others. many wielders of sunsteel name their weapons and fade into myth and legend.


Material Characteristics

Durithil is a green-blue ore but when it is smelted down into ingots and equipment it loses that cool tone and gains an oil sheen, reflecting light as a myriad of colors.

Physical & Chemical Properties

very cold to the touch.


Durithil is mainly used in arms and armors, weapons, tools and the like.

Geology & Geography

Durithil is found far in the north of Deadreach and deep within the rock and earth.

Origin & Source

Some say Durithil was formed from giant blood and from the dragon blood in that great war of titans that formed Haunt as it is. Others say its just a natural mineral. No one can say for sure.

Life & Expiration

very stable not prone to decay. even the oldest durithil weapons retain their magic resistance.

History & Usage


Once Sar Danitharn the 1st took over Kingsmarch and forced the barbarian tribes from there taking their durithil mines scholars say the world changed. With their trade with the dwarves of Deadreach, the monarchy received sunsteel equipment and during the height of its power every soldier in its army wore and wielded sunsteel, to a deadly effect: But for the Santari they would have conquered the world.


Discovered first and used first by the ancient dwarves,

Everyday use

Those commoners lucky or wealthy enough to have durithil equipment would have it in the form of a family heirloom probably a sword or shield

Cultural Significance and Usage

In Kingsmarch, Durithil is called the king's rock for its close connection with the Danitharn Monarchy. In the prime years of the Monarchy it was reserved for the kings, princes and their esteemed knights. Now wielding or wearing sunsteel serves a symbol of pride, nobility, and power.

Industrial Use

It must be forged first but other than that, none.


Durithil must be smelted down and forged before it can be used.

Manufacturing & Products

Any equipment or weaponry: swords, armor, shields, spearpoints, etc.


Only the dwarven forges of Deadreach can work durithil because of its high melting point and just raw strength. Intense heat that would melt all but the dwarves must be used.

Environmental Impact

none except for possible over mining of the ore.


Trade & Market

The barbarians of Deadreach and the Danitharn Monarchy mine it and pay the dwarves to smelt and forge it for them. The barbarians keep these weapons and treasure them while the failing monarchy sells them out to other organisations and countries


Stored just like any metal though with much more security
extremely high with the Monarchy and the dwrves being the two only sellers of the metal
Outside of Deadreach and Kingsmarch, sunsteel equipment is almost unseen but in the north the dwarves deal mainly in durithil with the barbarians and the Danitharn Monarchy. Also
Durithil tastes much like if you bit into steel
durthil is a blued ore and a reflective metal with an oil like sheen
Melting / Freezing Point
Durithil has an extremely, extremely high melting point; only the dwarven forges of Deadreach can smelt it.
Durithil is very dense
Common State

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