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Thread Magic (IT ‘19)

Also known as String, Rope, or Knot Magic, this system allows bundles of energy or clusters of effects to be bound together in the form of strings or knots. It is largely based in Bond Magic, but is far more beginner-friendly, to the extent that many believe the practice is merely for children, superstitious housewives, and weakening hedgewitches.   This, however, is far from the truth, as Thread Magic allows powerful enchantments to be woven into threads and, as a result, be used to make magical clothing, along with nearly infinite other applications due to its versatility. Historically, some have even said the art of Thread Magic gains its incredible effectiveness from its ability to mimic the structure of the Wyrd, reweaving fate and magic much more directly than other systems permit.


Thread Magic has a high degree of utility, as its power depends mostly on one’s focus, creativity, and ability to tie or untie knots. It can also be used very easily in conjunction with other magic types, such as Truename Magic, mundane enchantments, or various types of sympathetic magic.   Each type of knot a Threadmage uses has a different meaning or association, from simple slipknots to elaborate knots forming a pattern within themselves, requiring some amount of memorization, but these can often be altered by individual mages to suit their particular implementation, or potentially removed entirely.


One of the more popular uses of Thread Magic is in the creation of magical charms, clothing, or accessories. As part of a magical bracelet’s creation, for example, a Threadmage might select an array of beads, rocks, or gemstones with magical associations that correspond to effects they would like the bracelet to have, such as granting luck or improving one’s vision. These objects would then be magically charged to amplify their effects, and would be arranged in a particular design.   One or more pieces of thin rope might then be selected, and tied or woven together in a magical array. At select intervals, the Threadmage would focus on bringing about certain spell effects, such as protection from fire or restful sleep, and tie knots to ‘hold’ the effects and bind them to the thread. This would create an arcane arrangement and likely amplify the effects of both the spells and stones, through the bracelet’s magical reflection of and attunement to the Wyrd.   Once the bracelet is completed, the ends would be tied together and secured with a specialized knot or charm representing its creator, which would often be bespelled against slippage or accidental loosening. The finished project could then be enchanted again or given away as it was, and would provide many years of strong magical effects partially derived from the specific organization of and patterns within its structure.
Access & Availability
Thread magic should be widely available to everyone, due to the practice only requiring a little bit of focus and a single piece of rope, string, or even sturdy grass to start, but unfortunately the art’s reputation means very few individuals are willing to teach it, much less admit to any level of proficiency. As such, most practitioners are self-taught or stumbled across the art accidentally, by focusing their intent on some effect then tying a knot, and later releasing the magic once the knot was untied.
Thread magic ranges in difficulty from the simple practice of tying various patterns of magical knots in a rope to enchanting entire garments’ worth of thread to weave themselves together and bestow certain abilities upon the wearer.   Due to Thread Magic’s relationship to Bond Magic, it can be used to create many effects related to binding things or tying them down. This can range from sailors using magic to ward their knots against slippage to the shackles used to restrain powerful malevolent entities to placing a small piece of knotted thread on one’s palm and licking it, to stick someone’s feet to the floor.

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