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Motes of Chaos 2 (IT ‘19)


  A Spirit in the first stage of their life cycle, once they have become separated from Chaos and gained the ability to absorb energy of their own, is known as a Chaos Mote. The name was originally coined by the first settlers of Khaole, who saw “small motes of light” moving over the fields at sunset and mistook them for fireflies, but were subsequently corrected by their Spirit guide, who pointed out that the lights were actually juvenile, nearly powerless Spirits attempting to harness energy from the warmth of the fading sunlight to sustain themselves.   In this form, Spirits are completely harmless, and barely possess enough energy to sustain themselves. They are not capable of thought, speech, or forming memories, and have no senses, except for the ability to detect nearby sources of energy. As such, they are drawn to hot or bright locations, as well as those with many other organisms, especially sapient ones whose emotions and magical residues they can use to fuel their growth.   Given enough time and a sufficient energy supply, Motes of Chaos will continue to convert energy into material for their Cores until it reaches the size and structure of a single crystal or other physical manifestation of their Core type. At this point, their form in the Spiritual Realm will begin to solidify, signifying the transition to the next stage of the Spirit’s life cycle. For some Spirits, this may indicate the point when their first memories and hints of personality begin to develop, although any memories from this time will be hazy, indistinct, and dominated by the urge to absorb more energy, which remains the Spirits’ primary motivation.

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