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M-series Report

Sent by the Seraphim to The Third seat during the prelude to Vote one on the M series vote, it was ment as a last minute solution to the failure of M-67A, although the original document was lost, a replica is around ninty precent accurate.


The purpose was to convince the The Third seat that the Seraphim would be able to finalize the project despite interruptions. The document mainly consisted of the previous success on the M-series, and the data already collected from previous M-series. As well as at least a bit of praise for the Third Seat, and at least some cursing of the Cherubim. It seemed to have swayed his mind, however it is unkown if the Third Seat simply planned to abstain anyway.

Document Structure


The document is not in anyway elegant or even drafted, in some sense the document was it's first draft when sent, as it still needed information from the M-67A to be completed, the section was scrapped though and replaced with praise for the The Third seat. The document was divided into sections however. The first was mostly just cursing the Cherubim, while the main body was divided into the past four M-series, with detailed descriptions of each, the last was supposed to be for the current information gleaned from the M-67A, but was replaced with praise for Doven.

Historical Details


Although a small piece in bigger scheme, the document was not less important, being hastily transferred into a Record Cube a sent to Heaven, the arrival of it was just three minutes before the vote. Any later and the world might look a lot different today. Being within such close conditions, the message is often regarded with a sense of intervention, whether from the source or The Father, this property might also be why Doven took it with such weight.
Report, Scientific
Digital Recording, Text
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