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ZaSa FoSe, Or translated happy food.

ZaSa FoSe Is a dish for every man woman and child who's recovering from illness or simply a bad day. Once eaten by kings and peasants alike, and was the comfort food of the Everyman. Nowadays the ingredients to make it and the knowledge how to make ZaSe FoSe was lost to the general populace of DasNeNo the only people who know how to make it and were to obtain ingredients is that of the now few and far between GoLan'ens   To make ZaSa FoSe you'll need one large cleaned broken root handful of fresh red grass one claw sized slice of butter(if you do not have a claw on hand to measure use two Nel instead) wheat flower weigh to 20 claws or 40 nels(if you have no way of measuring simply add enough flour Intel to a nice thick batter) just enough salts to completely cover a nel. And one medium-sized egg   Now first start preparing a fire with the nice glowing hot coals as the embers start to heat up prepare a bowl and cut a hole just big enough to get in a spoon or knife into the broken root. Proceed to insert the knife or spoon into the hole and scrape around in side and mash the watery flesh. Dump the contents into the bowl then add the salt and butter into the bowl now place the bowl next to the fire for just long enough to melt the butter after which remove the bowl from the heat. Now with the cranked up the fresh red grass into a nice thick paste with a mortar and pestle or dice finely with a knife and board. Then add the red grass into the bowl and then stirred for a short bit just enough to get it evenly distributed. now take the flour carefully pour it into the broken root empty husk.   Now taken the contents from the bowl and pour it into the broken root husk then crack the egg and put it in the husk as well.   Proceed to put a knife or spoon into the husk and begin to stir until you get a nice thick batter.   Now let the fire burned down to just hot embers once you have a nice pile of hot coals with a stick take a small hole a little smaller than the broken root husk.   Now carefully place the husk hole pointing towards the sky in the fire with all of its contents careful don't burn yourself. then proceed to bury the husk in the embers while not obstructing or accidentally putting coal side the whole.   Now let it sit and cook until steam stops coming out from the hole once the steam stops(this may take up to an hour) that's when you know it's done. Proceed to carefully take the now soft husk out of the embers, Let cool and set.   Now cut in half or quarters and serve (Inside the husk should be a nice lightly spongy texture). This should serve about approximately 2 to 4 people.   Now if it was prepared properly it should also help with the helping with both sorrow and pain. But be mindful to watch how many portion you eat and never eat in conjunction with broken root water. As you may experience lightheadedness, low blood pressure, organ failure, smell and or visual hallucinations, the pooling of blood in lower extremities.   Remember when dealing with broken root always consume in moderation   ~Joffrey, head scribe for the Legion of 1000's DasNeNo Main library -Written for prosperity's sake, in the comedic stylings of old GoLan'en texts   ToVer SoLoCo, FvAr GeRaLe, BaZa ZaTol

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16 Oct, 2018 16:04

What a great dish! You went into a lot of detail in this, I enjoyed learning about the side effects of over consumption.

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