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Blessing was named my human scientist,Goldi-24 referencing the Goldilocks Zone.It is still mentioned by astronomers as that name. For simpler naming as well as Detoran disagreement on the claiming of the planet in books and some media it is known as Blessing or E-2.The site of where the spacecraft for the first human landing still remains though many feel the spacecraft by name,FUTURE should be removed is looked at as a monument and human accomplishment. Blessing has been around for only four millennia making it a relatively young compared to Earth. Simple things that took centuries to create on Earth by various civilizations were created in the first 100 years. Examples that Detorans created are transportation via creature pulled,writing,functional and water systems.


The planet has four seasons like Earth. Spring is the shortest month and winter the longest, summers can be mild to hot and autumn mild to cold and rainy. Summer often rains scarce and when it does rain it often rains for weeks often called "monsoon month". The days tend to be shorter by three hours but the year is just as long as Earth. The closets satellite is a little further away than the original moon but bigger. Blessing has forests,oceans,plains,a small mountain range and no deserts.

Natural Resources

Wood,many metals such as iron and copper are popular.
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