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Fortune Day/November 5th:

A day celebrated a month after Harvest Day. The knowing of it originates from after the Detoran Famine was said to had been cured but felt to have a celebratory creation so soon was tasteless. Detoran families cook and bake special foods and celebrate. Ornaments are often hung outside the house in the simple shape of a small child and sun. Prayers for any who step inside or live there for good fortune in hopes of never having to deal with the Detroan Famine.During this time it is when Detoran are seen especially near mountainous areas to be out in the forest hunting for “coming of age” ceremonies.   The most popular dish is Blanket Beef and rice. Blanket Beef is a filling meal of usually the highest quality beef or game. It consists of meat,rice and the most common fruit eaten by all Detoran: Cosmos Tree Fruit. This fruit is a staple and provides nourishment for babies to meals and even skin care. It is well rounded in use and often a fave to use in meals due to it's mildly sweet taste. They are often placed aside the beef ,sliced and fried much like Japanese tempura. It also doubles as a sauce for some.   Ingredients:   4 lb.Chuck steak or any meaty large game 4 Carrots 7 Pinesborough potatoes 1 cup flour 2 cups of water 1/4 cup of oil 4 stalks of Hibernis lettuce 1/2 cup of beef stock 1 Cosmos Tree Fruit 1 cup of bread crumbs 1 egg   To Prepare:   Preheat pan to medium setting and place in 2 tbsp of oil. Brown all sides of the meat when done place in pressure cooker or crock pot and prepare other parts of dish. Optional : Save the drippings and mix with flour set aside. Wash all vegetables and cut other vegetables as usual. Note: Cut 1/2 Hibernis stalk and dispose, chop rest of lettuce and stalk set aside.. Place potatoes and carrots inside crock pot with beef stock. If using cubes prepare as directed on package.Pour water. Set cooker for 5 hours,near 30 minutes to completion place in Hibernis lettuce. The lettuce though categorized as one cooks more like Earth collard greens,but absorb water faster.   Cosmos Gravy:   Pour reserved meat drippings,flour and cut the Cosmos fruit and place in a small pot. Place in 1/2 cup of water and turn up to medium to simmer.   For Cosmos chips: Slice fruit thinly set aside,crack egg ,place bread crumbs and flour in separate bowls. Place slices of fruit in flour then egg and roll in bread crumbs. Set breaded slices in pan and fry.   Serve immediately for nice hot and filling meal.

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16 Oct, 2018 14:56

What a delicious dish! I really like how you've tied in the traditions of your world, I'd love to know more about the Detoran coming of age ceremonies :D

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