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What Lies on Lun Tian

What Lies on Lun Tian is a legend of a woman who woke up stranded in an island with twelve challenges awaiting for her. This legend's moral is that sometimes hardships can change your view as a person, because it challenges herself which makes her a new person with a new light on life on her last challenge.


This is a legend of a woman who went through multiple challenges that made her look into different views to life while she was stranded at the now known archipelago, Lun Tian Islands. Through out the challenges she has to go through which has gotten difficult by time has progressed with more lies and riddles being answered one by one, some of the challenges are testing her virtues and some of them are focusing on her capabilities and intelligence. After twelve challenges that she finished to survive which took her a month, a boat with people from the village of Earínos saw her at the outskirts of the third island of Lun Tian Islands helped her get out from the islands. After they came back to the village of Earínos, the woman said with a sad smile "Thank you" as the last part of this legend.

Historical Basis

On Lrevo 23, 178 a group of fishers of Earínos goes fishing and then after a week they came back with a woman on her age of twenty who was filled with sweat and blood of her clothes. After a few years she told a story on what happened on while she was stranded on three of the islands, which then became Earínosians favorite legend to tell. After two centuries have passed, a group of people investigated the place where the legend started and it was true that there are three islands, but the place isn't a forest full of challenges and dangerous animal life. The place is just filled with dead trees, dirt without grass, and animal bones having moss growing in them. After their expedition to the archipelago they saw a huge island with a town which made them think that maybe the story is not true, because there is a huge island that she could go to. Even with evidence that the story is practically not true, people still like the story due to the lesson that each challenges give. Maybe sometime in the future, someone may learn about the truth.


This legend was told by a woman who was there and witnessed everything that happened. This legend started to grow on Earínos then the trading system started to happen which made the story popular worldwide. While the legend is popular to all ages and places, the Earínosians are the only ones that know about the real story of this legend not the variations.

Variations & Mutation

While the legend doesn't change even one single word through out when it was told on the now town Earínos, there are multiple variations of this legend everywhere every variation is different from one place to the other. There are three variations which is well known which is the one which teaches you that you shouldn't go in the islands, one is that it gives more moral lessons each challenges, and the last one is about a journey in this archipelago can change your view in life. With the three variations being popular, the variations started to have their own nickname. The first one is the Azuel version, the second one is the Leksyan version and the last one is Tanhaw version.
What Lies on Lun Tian is a legend which started at a small village that is now a town known as Earínos, as it is loved by the people of this town. Due to the start of the popularization of trading all around Gixíra it then started to be a known legend with multiple variations with three popular variations. One focused about why the Lun Tian Islands is a place where you wouldn't want to go to, the other one is more about the moral of this legend, then the last one is about how this place can change your views on life.
Date of Setting
Nueno 19, 178
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