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The Pillars of Lentian

The Pillars of Lentian is a beautiful monument with unique riddles, sayings and puzzles. Filled with thorny vines surrounding the pillars, and scattered with growing moss. People from all parts the world are trying to crack the puzzles of the monument even though the puzzles are known difficult. As time goes on it will teleport to one of the four hill chains surrounding the Town of Peace and Adventures.
  While people started to unleash the questions of the pillars, a group people have learned that the pillar with the green gemstone is the pillar of the Goddess Irva.

Purpose / Function

While the building can indicate what months of the year it is, people still doesn't know what is the purpose of this monument. Maybe someday they can find answers to some questions about this monument.


The placing of the pillars is an octagon with the pillars being fifteen feet high. While the monument is mostly white to black, each pillars has its own different tint of colors.


There are multiple entries due to the monument being on open space. The only problem on it's entry is that the building changes its location which makes it a little difficult to get in.


The monument has eight pillars made with obsidian and is placed in someway that the placing of the pillars is an octagon. Then two inches at front of the eight pillars is a stone stand with a different colored gem and writings with writings that is unique from each other that all of Gixírians didn't understand. Then from the stone stand is a line that goes to the middle of the monument which is stones with black carvings then then it will have a riddle that most people did not understand. One last thing is that most of the monument is lime stone.


The monument started to emerge above the ground on the one hundred and thirty-sixth year of Gixíra. Afterwards it began to change its location for the whole year then it stopped near a hill chain at Gratinin Plains. Then it started to change its location to the other hill chains of the plains for every three months which is the reason why the monument got it's alternative name.
Alternative Names
The Pillars of Seasons
Monument, Large
Parent Location
Environmental Effects
The monument is indestructible even if you do anything to the monument, there is still no scratches that will appear.

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