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While not the only world in the prime material plane, Geode-Errets is most certainly the most active in every way a world can be active. Since its creation in the distant past, Geode-Errets has seen the fall of its gods, the return of its Immortals, political intrigue, eras of peace, technomagical triumphs and many other major events that would echo down its halls of time. But, perhaps by design, the big events aren't necessarily the driving force behind the growth and development of the world as a whole, but the small victories won, earned and granted to the individuals lives that struggle and yet thrive in such a realm.   The world of Geode-Errets has an overall population of roughly 3 billion mortals living in its major landmasses was well as an estimated 50-75 million dwelling Underground. Elyon's Children, the Immortals, number around 500 million, though their general nondescript leadership and rule has kept most of them out of the public eye save for those who have volunteered to represent a pantheon of sorts. The so-called "Old Gods", after an ancient battle and being sentenced to mortal existence, have almost completely died out, though there are several hundred who through means magical and otherwise live on into the present day.   The surface continents are named after the major Immortals who make up the ruling divine council, but have been called by those names since long before the Rebellion necessitated them taking up that honor. In no particular order, they are Perago, Arthos, Zubhkert, Sunni, Grungar, Lastos and Vincal. The Immortal namesakes are in no way restricted or limited geographically, and in fact all tend to spend most of their time on Vincal for various reasons. The continent of Arthos is thought to be "lost" in a cataclysmic event.
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