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The Field Studies Division

Though located in Woburgh-Vlesa of the Narkaeya Region, the Institute hires adventurers from and dispatches adventurers to all over the world, exploring new places and reporting and archiving their findings.   The motto of the Institute's Field Study Division is "Investigate. Catalog. Collaborate."   The Division operates out of regional outposts where individuals may find both research and recreation in equal measures.   Zuhbkert, the Immortal of magic who oversees and guides the Field Study Division as well as the Institute generally, is often represented with his good friend Ulgrigr the Immortal of knowledge. Word has it, they are often seen together in the world.   Most Field Agents carry a magical compass known as a wayfinder. These are commonly used as identification or symbols of membership.   The directors that a field agent is most likely to encounter are called Process Managers. The PMs organize missions for other field agents and normally are responsible over an outpost

Investigate. Catalog. Collaborate.

Educational, Society

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