Confederation of 40 Tribes

A united elven state created on the ashes of Xylian Dominion. That, in fact, was so decentralized that it collapsed on itself without anyone noticing, rendering the elves vulnerable to invasions coming from all directions and leading to their ultimate collapse as a political entity.


The only central organization of Confederation was Council of Elders, hosted by one of most powerful members states, with location changed every twenty years. However, the Council soon lost any meaning, and while still existed, it wasn't even completely staffed, with many of the kingdoms not sending any delegates.   This lead to strongest countries - Lanoirenn, Alvaena, Astrea, Vanorlan, Vhessana, Senach and Senneria - changing the Council into their own discussion circle, that could be then used to enforce their will on weaker states. At least temporarily, with Senach and Senneria feeling secondary and disliking their northern cousins (and then collapsing due to human invasion), and Vhessana ostracized and retorting by permanently trying to drawn second-league states into cohorts with her - to undermine the northern states.   With political rivalization between Alvaena, Astrea and Lanorlan slowly growing, southern states falling to humans, the Council practically broke, being practically dead and without any power (for most time not even existing, as over time its existence began to be occasional). Elven states still mostly considered themselves a part of it, however it no longer had any real influence on reality.


After Xylian Dominion was destroyed, elves were orphaned. They controled majority of Karadia, however they were divided into many countries that either disliked each other or were indifferent, with only a few actually having some sort of closer relations.   Elves decided to attempt some sort of political unification, assembling a Karathian Council (with name caused by the fact that back then 'Karathia' was what today is named 'Karadia) in Lanoirenn, that manage to outline set of basic rules that the elven countries were to follow, while creating a Council of Elders that was supposed to be a basis for elven central government.   Over time, rather than grow, it actually collapsed nearly entirely, due to internal strife and human invasions, not to mention a variety of other attacks, betrayals and disasters that plagued elves in Preimperial Era. By the beginning of V century PIE, the Confederation was de facto dead as a political entity, with Fourty Years War being the last attempt to ressurect it, but in different form.

Political, Confederation
Alternative Names
Elven Confederation, Karadian Confederation.
Elves, Confederates.


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