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Leo D. Barrens

High Lord Leo Donero Barrens (a.k.a. Stable Lion)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He has somewhat lost his peak strength as he now focuses more on politics and aging, however he is still a capable fighter, able to fight the empire's strongest and even winning a few times.

Special abilities

Through his bloodline he wields the weapon of the High Lord, Ignedious.

Apparel & Accessories

Always wears the Crown of Flame, bestowed to the High Lord of the the Firewing Empire, followed with the royal regalia, in combat, he wears a unique and durable set of armor

Specialized Equipment

Prefers greatswords, and close range combat along with rune magic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

At birth, Leo Barrens is the only child of Pallion Barrens, fed with a silver spoon but was always taught humility, he lived in secret deep within the Sunpire Fortress. Around his late teens, he had learned several fighting styles, but he had a preference for short sword combat and runic magic. It was around this time that he gained a new personal bodyguard, one which grew to be his closes one ever, Sarah Valshatine. Over the years, with the teachings of multiple leaders, he himself became a force to be reckon with not only in battle but in tactics, and mind games.


High class combat, magic and political training via multiple teachers throughout the empire.


Despite his destined role as High Lord, he typically was a negotiator of external affairs, while leading battles a commander, even performing as an assassin along side Sarah Valshatine through his willingness to assist as much as possible.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Battle of the Aros Dunes

During the early years of Leo's reign, he led an small army to fight against a large force of bandit south of the Firewing Empire and in the Toran Desert that was interfering with trading, due to multiple ways he tricked the enemy force through false information and the aid of Shadowblade's agents eliminating many of the generals, the bandits surrender with little casualties on Leo's part.

The Druidic Agreement

After a few disputes with large independent druids going a bit extreme in there practices in the deep Furian Forest through psychological manipulation, he convinces the druids to not only accept regulations implemented to the, but also joined the empire, increasing the crop yields of the southern cities.

Norithas Pact

Recently, after a formation of a city state, called Autore, outside the Empire started conquering more land, at some points Autore's military were gathering near the borders, so Leo steps in and he called in the leader for a formal meeting, in the end of it Leo managed to convince the leader to a pact and systematically turn this city state from a military-based city, to a trading one, of course with a few intimidation incidents and necessary sabotages by Shadowblade.

Personality Characteristics


To ensure he leaves behind a legacy worth remembering for generations to come.



Clear and distinct, he has a commanding and deep voice that is able to grasp the attention of everyone in the room, however in private he speaks softly, even lovingly depending on who he speaks to.


Sarah V. Barrens

Wife (Vital)

Towards Leo D. Barrens



Leo D. Barrens

Husband (Vital)

Towards Sarah V. Barrens



Lawful Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
High Lord of the Firewing Empire, Crimson Flame, Spark-tongued Politician
Year of Birth
1121 EoE 41 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Normally conceived
Sunspire City
Current Residence
Sunspire City
Biological Sex
Brown haired, scruffy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tan skin
Aligned Organization

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3 Oct, 2019 17:31

Fed with a silver spoon but always taught humility? How, and why by? Did his parents want him to stay humble or as it something that he picked up from his teachers and retainers? Also, was his job as an assassin widely known? If so, where did he operate? as it in court amongst other nobles or on mission? Those are a fair few jobs for one person to have.

4 Oct, 2019 12:23

Interesting questions, all of which I have answers, but I won't say they're all fool-proof, and I will add these in a later date, but not now.   It all started with the a usurper, a man from the bloodline who spent life in pure luxury with no discipline, before this, the high lords of the past were like smug elves, but after the usurper's reign, which was filled by massacres of independent cities who didn't obey him, and accidentally screwing over an evil cult by several decades, since all of them were murdered, was ended by a distant relative who was a upright politician who wished for reforms, the politician along with his companions, which later became lords of cities and Shadowblade along with the people protesting, reformed the empire and instilled values approved by all, surprisingly they kept a monarchy because of persuasion and evidence by previous high lord.   His parents also passed down the values of the politician turned High Lord   His job as an assassin wasn't an official one, but he was trained by his own will, and did go on missions with his future wife during skirmishes before his coronation, to surprise his enemies.   The Lords and High Lord usually have another role to fill, for example of of them is a high priestess, while another is a master tinker.