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Personality and History

  Lust is one of the few demons that could be mistaken for a human at first glance. Though he is an Incubus, he's more enamored with his own appearance than he is at ensnaring women into his clutches like you'd imagine he would be. Because of this, many of his colleagues tease him about having "fallen under his own spell", but this is not true. He is simply content with his own beauty rather than chasing after someone else's. He's also quite the accomplished swordsman, sporting a unique dual fencing style rarely found on the surface or in Hell.   When he emerged from the portal to the surface, he was distraught by the ugliness and despair and decided that he would fix it by pursuing a career in fashion to spread his own beauty throughout the world. He was extremely popular for a short time, but was eventually slain by Denizen in an attempt to stop Death's plan to absorb all of The Deadly Sins.   Despite the fact that he was among the first of the Sins to be slain, his legacy lives on in the many ads that are continuously produced by the companies he signed deals with. What seems at first glance as a frivolous attempt at fame was actually a means of providing hope to the world by acting as a fashion icon for them to idolize.    


Back in Highschool, I was mainly thinking about the plotline with Denizen and the Sins. When I came up with Lust, I noticed that every depiction was the same: a hot chick who seduces men but is deadly. I thought it would be nice if Lust was depicted as a man for a change. Sure, he doesn't exactly lust after things, but I like for the Sins to be more than just a characterization of their name.
Aligned Organization

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Character Portrait image: Lust by -Isiel- via Artbreeder


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