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Faded Reflection

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Time and Space are relative concepts. Concepts that cannot be fully understood due to how little humankind can comprehend with their small, trivial minds. Unable to see that their reality is only a fragment of what lies beyond the threshold of their perception. For even right under their noses, there are worlds that they thought were long forgotten or even nonexistent. Worlds that have existed quietly in the shadow of humanity for years, hiding away in the hopes of being forgotten, to stay safe. But safety is now out of the question.   An unseeable, unknowable force is causing the foundations of reality to shake. Everything is being thrown into pandemonium, and worlds that have remained separated for millennia are colliding together. Humankind remains oblivious to the changes that are occurring, blissfully ignorant to the imminent doom which is literally gravitating towards them.   It's the year 1999, the eve of a new millennium. While the rest of the world was worrying about Y2K, the status of President Clinton, and the many tragically strong weather incidents, Asheville Virginia remains as quaint as can be. A small town of no more than five thousand residents. It's a sort of pit stop that people who make travel to Richmond and Hampton alike. Making their money off of agriculture and tourism for the beautiful natural scenery they have. It is here that the hero's meant to save reality itself go about their mundane lives, until now.