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History of Excilior

Age of Darkness

... 1 SE

Stretching from the arrival of the first casterways until the fateful crash of Cervia Polonosa. No one knows exactly how long this period lasted, although most scholars assume it endured for approximately 500 years. From this era, there is no evidence of states, cities, technology, agriculture, or formal civilization of any kind. Note: Years in this age are counted backward/downward, with the first year being 500, and the last year being 1.

Age of Cervia

1 PE 479 PE

This period begins with the crash of Cervia Polonosa and ends with the splintering of the planet's first great nation-state - Aulde Cervia. Note: There is no "year zero" in the casterway system of record keeping. The year before Cervia's arrival is referred to as Year 1 of the Age of Darkness (because AoD dates are counted backward/downward, starting at 500 and ending at 1). Cervia's crash is referred to as happening in Year 1 of the Age of Cervia.

Age of Expansion

480 PE 2114 PE

Age of Rivals

2115 PE 3009 PE

Age of Gnosis

3010 PE and beyond

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