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Age of Cervia (1 PE to 479 PE)

Dawn of civility

he Age of Cervia spans the establishment of the first true civilizations of Excilior. Before this time, the Age of Darkness was marked by savage men, abandoned on the planet, with no hope of establishing a legacy - or even of maintaining a stable culture. They simply survived for as long as they could in the harsh wilderness of Excilior. Often, that survival came at the expense of other casterways.
The First Mother
This age is named for Cervia Polonosa. It was her freak accident - crashing her Tallonai helioskimmer into the Sister Seia - that set in motion a series of events that would eventually launch a worldwide blend of sustainable cultures. It would be easy to dismiss her influence as nothing more than a fortunate opportunity for those early, ragtag casterways to procreate. But her influence was far greater than that. She was a forceful leader, innovator, and visionary. Were it not for her steady guidance, the early settlement of Setrinano probably would have collapsed within years of her death.
Auld Cervia
The story of the Age of Cervia is, largely, the story of Auld Cervia. Polonosa's initial city-state of Setrinano struggled mightily for decades to maintain viability, survive natural disasters, and defend itself against the rogue casterways that opposed them. It wasn't until around 200 PE that Setrinano had finally established a firm base that allowed them to flourish - leading to a steady population boom over the next 250 years. By 300 PE, Auld Cervia had almost 80,000 citizens and its villages and burgeoning cities were dotted all across the Yernwold. By 400 PE, the flourishing nation actually encompassed the entirety of Islemanoton. In 470 PE, Auld Cervia boasted a population of more than 3 million. However, this was also the twilight of the first nation.
When the events of the Evyrnight took place in 479 PE, it triggered a series of consequences that facilitated the splintering of Auld Cervia into a series of weaker component states. This breakup happened with spectacular speed and signaled the end of the Age of Cervia. Although the Tallonai people, and the constituent states of Islemanoton, enjoy a permanent place in history as the birthplace of casterway civilization and culture, their sway as a central force has long-since subsided. They are now viewed, amongst many other cultures, as a faded empire that is but a shadow of its ancient glory.   Everything from the Age of Cervia onward is known as the Progressive Era (PE). All years starting from 1 PE count forward in a "normal" manner, with the age coming to a close in 479 PE.

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