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Where it all began

slemanoton is the smallest of Excilior's three main continents. It is commonly known as the ancestral home of the Tallonai people and the cradle of the first great casterway civilization - Auld Cervia. It is also the primary location where most excilation survivors first make landfall on Excilior. The dropships always land near the center of the Dropship Seia and the prevailing westerly winds/currents tend to push most casterways to the shores of Vetri in southeastern Islemanoton.   The northern "neck" - known as the Hinterlands - is dominated by lowland swamps and jungles. Given that this region approaches the equator, it is known for conditions of incredible heat and humidity. Everything south of Brokeneck is considered to be part of the Yernwold, and is much more temperate, although it never reaches a point of being cold. The continent is bordered along its entire western coast by the Sister Seia, and for most of Auld Cervia's history, the ancient Cervians debated whether there was anything beyond the Sister Seia. Its east coast is flanked by the Mouth of Charen to the north, and the Dropship Seia to the south. Islemanoton's closest neighbor is Islegantuan, which comes as close as 150 kilometers in the relatively-narrow stretch between Cachkey and the Limpalong Peninsula.


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