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Sontsu Peninsula

Before there was a continent, there was a peninsula

he Sontsu Peninsula is the dominant feature of southeastern Isleprimoton. It stretches across more than 1.6M square kilometers and is home to more than 24.7M people. It is primarily known as the ancestral home of the Sontsu peoples - the second-oldest civilization on Excilior, having been established shortly after the founding of Auld Cervia on Islemanoton. But it also is home to a great number of Lumidari across the bulk of its northern border, as well as a small outpost of the Jontzu people on the western edge of Chevia.   It stretches from Torholmaa in the southeast to Chevia in the northwest. Its western coast makes up the eastern seaboard of Sinum Balaena and its eastern coast fronts the Sister Seia.   Its northern edge forms one of the greatest cradles of ancient civilization - the Crucible Seia and Sentinel Bay. These two bodies of water served as the epicenter of Isleprimoton civilization for well over a millennium and they challenged for the mantel of the most advanced civilization of its time. Precisely because of this historical focus, the peninsula has also witnessed some of history's most vicious battles and desperate power struggles. Nowhere is this more apparent than at Megido Pass.   The relative isolation afforded by the pass allowed the societies of the Sontsu Peninsula to flourish in relative obscurity for centuries. In fact, for a great many years the peninsula's residents thought of their homeland as its own unique continent. But once the political powers of Isleprimoton ran headlong into each other over the Crucible Seia, the Megido Pass - and, in general, the broader landscape of the northern Sontsu Peninsula - became an epicenter of war and bloodshed for ages.


he southeastern two-thirds of the peninsula consist almost entirely of temperate rain forest. The northwestern third is dominated by temperate deciduous forests with several instances of productive grassland situated in the higher inland areas.   The peninsula's highest elevation is 770 meters, in northwestern Torholmaa. Like so much of the planet, its higher regions are still below the snow line. Although the area certainly relies upon several major river systems, one of the peninsula's strongest traits is its abundance of freshwater lakes. Those lakes have served as the commercial and spiritual center of the culture for ages. Although the peninsula features thousands of kilometers of saltwater access, the Sontsu people have always been keen to look toward inland water supplies for sustenance, travel, and spiritual solace. Despite their ample shores, they have never been known for their seamanship. And their diet leans much more heavily toward the many plants and animals that are native to the region's freshwater reserves.


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