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The Hinterlands are where refinement goes to die.
Arnthur Vetu, Auld Cervian lookout, 319 AoC
he Hinterlands refers to all parts of Islemanoton north of Brokeneck. It is primarily ruled by Poglia in the north and Tollia in the south, although Cervia has maintained control of Egress Island for many years, essentially as part of their interests in Smugglers' Moot.  
Lesser Cervia
During the days of Auld Cervia, this region of Islemanoton was often referred to as Lesser Cervia, and there are still places in the world where this label is common. The term "lesser" was only ever meant to describe the smaller size of the landmass, in comparison to the southern half of Islemanoton. However, the inhabitants of the Hinterlands have suffered an inferiority complex for thousands of years, and referring to this region as Lesser Cervia, while actually standing in the Hinterlands and talking to its people, can often be an effective way to get your ass beaten.  
Due to its northern position and its general proximity to the equator, the Hinterlands are frequently in the path of the planet's most vicious razers. While this has contributed to the peoples' reputation as fierce, hardy, and resilient, it has nonetheless stymied some of the cultural and intellectual contributions that could have occurred here over thousands of years. The world's greatest minds and its artistic ingenues don't typically choose to settle in this region if they have the means to avoid it.  
The people of the Hinterlands - sometimes referred to, collectively, as the Hinterfolk - have a general reputation for being coarse, gruff, and very difficult to kill. Bar fights are considered a jolly means of entertainment (both to watch, and to participate). The loss of teeth or digits is proudly displayed as a mark of battle-tested experience. Artistic works emanating from this region have a worldwide reputation as being decidedly low-brow.


he Hinterlands consist entirely of rain forests and muddwoods. Due to warmer temperatures in the north, closer to the equator, the lands of northern Poglia and Egress Island are classified as tropical rain forests. The lands of Tollia and southern Poglia are temperate rain forests.   They are essentially flat. The landscape features many gullies and ravines, but the elevation never rises above 120 meters in parts of Poglia. Heading further south, the narrow stretch of Brokeneck falls as low as 4 meters in elevation.


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