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Soggy boggy home

uddwood is the Komon term for any of Excilior's bountiful swamps. A surfeit of rain across the planet, coupled with an abundance of low-lying areas, makes it inevitable that, for much of the year, great swaths of land are actually submerged. This doesn't stop Excilior's many creatures - nor even its casterways - from doing everything in their power to still leverage these spaces for hunting, agriculture, and habitation.   The ability to exploit muddwood environments is aided greatly by the megaflora that have adapted to sink deep roots into the boggy environs. In turn, the spacious canopies offered by these giant trees allow all manner of ingenious souls to move and live above the surface of muddwood waters.
Muddwoods can found in nearly any coastal regions, but they are most dominant in the Leung Peninsula, the southeastern coasts of Namgongia and Tins, most of the nations of the Sontsu Peninsula, throughout the Hinterlands and the isthmus of Brokeneck, across southern Islemanoton and southwestern Islegantuan, on the southern half of Phagia Isle, in central Ucarania, across Quita, throughout the Collian peninsula, and in much of Llanpiq.
But nowhere are muddwoods more dominant than in the southern half of the massive nation of Golia. Golia's entire east coast, including the Daybreak Peninsula and the The Hand of Isaija, are riddled with dense and foreboding muddwoods. These swamps are, quite literally, such quagmires that inland travel across the nation is rarely attempted with parties any larger than two-or-three souls. Carts, or other carriage vehicles, are virtually useless in these bogs and citizens routinely board transport ships that will hug the coast for hundreds of miles, rather than attempt a "shortcut" through the muddwoods that could end up taking months.
Wetland / Swamp


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