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Let the trials begin

yrus is the solitary star of Excilior - its sun. The Lumidari usually refer to it as Bakenton, but across the planet it's commonly known what the speaker is talking about when using the name Syrus.   The star is a yellow dwarf. But for those with off-world experience (i.e., those who have actually seen other stars in other star systems), they would find Syrus, and Excilior's relationship to it, somewhat unique. Syrus presents to the casterways as being decidedly orange. It's not clear from the planet surface whether this hue emanates directly from the star itself, or whether it is an optical effect caused by atmospheric conditions. It also takes up a larger portion of the sky than is typical on other inhabited planets - implying that Excilior may be right at the inner-edge of the star's Goldilocks Zone.

yrus's defining feature is its confounding and devastating 247-year cycle of heat, drought, and famine - which leads, with the precision of a fine watch, to world-changing catastrophes and epic reshuffling of the political board. This cycle is known, collectively, as the Trials of Syrus. Each Trial is counted off like a major Age or an Epic. In the last millennium or so, casterway societies have become more proficient at preparing for the inevitable wrath of Syrus on its predictable timetable. These preparations are buffeted by the constant (and accurate) forecasts of the next impending event, offered up frequently (to anyone who will listen) by the cognoscenti.   But it would be inaccurate to say that they've mastered the preparations. No matter how much the cognoscenti preach the need to brace for the Trials, it's inevitable that a major portion of society - or, in some cases, entire nations - find themselves ill-prepared and on the verge of starvation only shortly after the latest Trial begins.   Since the dawn of recorded history, there have been 15 Trials. The most recent one was more than 200 years ago...

he Priori of Syrus is a religion that sees Syrus as its central deity. In the parlance of the church, Syrus is often portrayed as manifested in a central goddess who holds the glowing ember of the star in her hand. But in day-to-day observance, the planet's star and the goddess are considered to be one-and-the-same.


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