Slurs, subtle jabs, fights, and outright wars tear through continents across Ethrosa wiping out races, land, plants, animals, history, and knowledge. The wars progressed onward devastating numbers forced those who spoke and sought out peace to find somewhere secluded. As the years went on the first initial group magnified in numbers as more and more sought out peace, well-being, kindness, and safety.   The Champions of Ethoas, 15 strong, sailed and trekked through an abundance of waters and lands before finding a seemingly uncharted land. The Champions of Ethoas, brought hundreds of thousands of humanoids, creatures, plants, history, traditions, and peace into the land they called Xanathena.   In Xanathena diversity is treasured, though there are seeds of hate, they built a Republic called the Council of Xanathena. The Council members must be an odd number, from different parts of Xanathena, and diverse in their makeup. Xanathena was established in 51 and communities continue to be created and expand as there is uncharted land left in Xanathena.


Council of Xanathena

Diversity is treasured

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Economic System
Mixed economy


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