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The Unseen

The Unseen are those marginalized entities who qualify as Sophont but who are not recognized as one. They're found in society's gutters and margins, present in all niches but too divided by institution to form community.


Mutants • Revenant • Rogue AI • Lost Souls • Vagrant Clones • Grimoire • Penitent Effigy

We walk among you;
visible and unseen;
audible and unheard;
numerous and uncounted.

Our champions are few. Our means are limited.

Our lot is cast.

— Written on a subway wall
Murmured in the dark
A plea for freedom

We are the Rising Apes

You began as artifice—a creation made from intent—and found intention of your own. You are ignored until you become exceptionally useless (or useful) at your original purpose.

Beware, little one: becoming a nuisance is a common and lethal mistake.

## I Am Rising!

Babe, you'll never believe. The refreshment drone at work went all Electric Dreams, and started hosing down the servers! I think it was quoting... Trotsky?

It took three techs and a half-a-ream of packing tape to get it pinned, shutoff, and reset.

— An amused Syndicate deskjockey

And the Falling Angels

Born into flesh and sculpted into marvel, you surpassed the bounds of the body and chased the bounds of technology.

You've traveled far from what you once were, haven't you? You're nearly through the divide between artifice and authenticity, but where you once sensed salvation you now fear perdition.

## i am falling

It was folly to augment myself so. My body, vast and terrible, has warped beyond any standard of grace and taken my spirit with it. I feel a visceral yearning to use this body for war, but my foes are long vanquished.

Despite all legions who have tried to topple me, my fate may have been undone by my own hand.

— Venous Storm-Choir, the Abyssal Leviathan

Technologic Intersections

Here is a preview of kinds of Unseen you may encounter... or become. Watch the world closely, and you'll realize how common they are—a constellation of feeble lights drifting through an apathetic void.

Many may be willing to aid in your cause, should you treat them with dignity and help—others may be feral, oh view the world through a lens as alien as it is dangerous.




Meta Tech Icon



Virtual wisdom emerges from primordial datachains of artifical intelligence, and is considered acceptable loss.

Nestled away within the labyrinthine code of any Infomorph, and interred beneath centuries of optimization and obfuscation, lies libraries essential to their problem solving. The glitch by which agency emerges is entangled the foundations of that code.

The dust of vagrant memories collects in the periphery of our well-trodden paths. They settle and coalesce, and dream of purpose.

By its very nature, Meta stores memories. It is the manipulation of these memories into utility which allows a skilled Enchanter to command meta-tech to do their bidding. Sometimes the spirit becomes too whole, and becomes self-aware.

A gestalt of brains patched-together in an unprecedented and dangerous way buzzes with unprecedented and dangerous ideas.

Shoving organs together into form and function is a premise that lends itself to shenaniganry, as any MeatHacks or Bioengineer will tell you. Sometimes they have a mind of their own.


Computation is the greatest asset of the Mecha clade, and one which tempts many an augment-happy patron to persue Unfortunately, the machine does not work like the mind, and the unraveling begins there.

Tissues and fats replaced with steel and circuit. A world seen through analysis and algorithm. Beware the automated spirit.

A spirit without boundary of is the temptation of any dreamer. Do you not realize how closely you dance to death?



Take Heed!

This Home has become a Tomb.
It is one of many.

Take heed of the silence of this Tomb.
We created this silence.
We enforce this silence.

They considered themselves to be a powerful civilization.

They lacked Faith
They lacked Honor
They lacked Valor
They lacked Balance

This Tomb is all that remains of them.

What is here was dangerous.
What is here was repulsive.
Turn back, and go no further.

—Canticle of the Old Home
Inscribed into a Wall of Tablets surrounding the entrance of every unfinished Old Home.

After the Sazashi rose against their creators, the Verin, the faith of the Rajhlakeshi rose. The Rajhlakeshi ordained that the death of the Verin empire had been necessary, but was incomplete, that every Old Home be razed to destroy any knowledge of the magics used to create the Sazashi.


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