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Lotos Fever

Lotos Fever is the local name for a powerful allergic reaction to the Lōtos Trees of the Lōtos Karstway Basin. The Spores from the trees cause a debiliating reaction that ranges from constant sneezing to pulmonary edema or asphixiation from a swollen larnyx.
I remember when I stepped down into the valley for the first time. A few breaths in it was like I was dying, like someone had sprayed me with tear-gas and chlorine at once. My friends had to winch me out. I'll never go back, that's for damn sure.
— Prospector

Killer Allergies

Thanks to their unique botanical properties, the Lōtos Trees spores are intense allergens to most sophontic creatures. The allergic reaction has been named the Lotos Fever after the allergic reaction the Hay Fever. The Lotos Fever is a much more potent reaction than Hay Fever, having a far greater fatality rate that common allergens.  


During the initial prospecting on Kytheria, several parties reported severe illness when traveling near the Lōtos Karstway Basin. Air samples analyzed showed a concentration of fungal spores which triggered an extreme allergic reaction in a majority of Sophont.


Treatment for the disease took several valuable months off settlement efforts, while normal anti-histamines helped alleviate symptoms, only a steady intake of Lotos Petals granted an immunity. Those who could not build up an immunity, are forced to wear gas-masks to filter the particulate.

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Running Nose
Pulmonary Edema
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