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Lōtos Trees

Many of the trees on Kytheria are massive flowering trees. One of the more rampant species is the Lōtos Trees, which are particularly concentrated in the Lōtos Karstway Basin.

Though the ecology was dense with all manner of bromeliads and ferns, it was the massive-flowered trees which drew the eye. They formed a canopy of flower-fronds with broad, pink petals as firm as agave but velvety and covered in a thick, velvety membrane which scattered light off and through itself in such a way that it cast a soft, dreamy glow onto the forest floor below. This dreamlike quality was reinforced by a thin and constant mist emanating from the bottom of the flower-fronds. So far as Psovod could judge, despite the area being fairly arid this basin was a cloud forest and these trees were the keystone to the ecosystem.

"They look like lotus flowers," Rohssa said, holding out a hand to catch a trickle of water dripping from the frond of a tree. "Maybe that's why this area was marked as the Lōtos Karstway Basin. Lōtos probably means 'lotus', I'd bet."

Kytheria also boasts a robust ecosystem of Synthisaurs.

“If you look out of your west-facing windows you may spot some of the local fauna. The Kytherian seas are home to many kinds of ichthyosaur.”

The hum of tug’s port-side Meissner Engine revved up as Dravec bounded from starboard to port and turned his massive head to look out a window. “I see it, Psovod, come look!”

There were about a hundred meters above the water now. Some sort of ichthyosaur broke the crest of a wave, snapping at low-flying dimorphodons who had stolen their fish and were now juggling it.

Cover image: Lotos Forest by MidJourney


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