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Lotos Petals

The Lotos Petals are a Kytheria staple of society. The petals are harvested from the Lōtos Trees of the Lōtos Karstway Basin. The flesh when properly prepared impart Hallucenigenic properties on their consumers.
You haven't really been part of Kytheria until you've been a part of her through Lotos Petals. Come to The Love Boat tonight, we will give you an experience you won't forget.
— Kkrinth Local

A Local Delicacy

Lotos Petals are served as a recreational treat to the tourists and locals of Kytheria. In small batches, they produce a feeling of euphoria that can lead a feeling that can be described as 'Zen' by those who experience it.

Some who take the next step and ingest a larger amount, have reported feeling an enlightenment that has been compared to the sensation of becoming a Monolith. Many locals take this amount to attempt to unlock their own inner power, believing it takes them a step closer to that ultimate realization.

Harvesting and Preperation

The Harvesting of Lotos Flowers requires travel into the often dangerous Lōtos Karstway Basin. The petals can be trimmed from the buds of newly grown Lōtos Trees. It then has to be dried and cured in order to activate the hallucinagenic compounds. It can then be enjoyed as is, or steeped into a tea that is often served before parties.

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Most Banners in Kytheria allow the transporation and possesion of Lotos Flowers. However their exportation is regulated by native protections acts.

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