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Auric Glow Worms

If you are venturing down to the city of Baalbek

, be wary for a cluster of lights in the dark of the caves. Those might be a congregation of Auric worms.

While they won't rip you to shreds like a Medusa Spawn, they can mark dangerous Auric buildups, that might wreak havoc on the unprepared soul./p]

— Successful Stone Pilgrim

Auric Glow Worms are descendants of Eden native wildlife and spliced Canary Worms that adapted to the meta-saturated environment before the surface.

They were discovered during expeditions to Baalbek after the end of the Melancholic Lacuna. It did not take long to learn why they congregated on seemingly empty areas.

The Auric worms will gather around strong Auric Echos, which if not ready for them, can impart dangerous mood swings and emotions onto those who stray too close.

Their soft-blue luminescence helps them be seen, a clear warning to everyone around.

In modern expeditions and pilgrimages down, Auric worms will be carried and used to help scope out potentially dangerous cave systems which might have been corrupted by the Bronze Stone

Cover image: The Wheel before the Wayhall


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