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Treyah Embassy

We shall be your ears and your voice.
-Treyah Staff

Three Pillars of Balance

  This building is dedicated to all of races inside this gigantic mothership. Treyah structure is circular in design to represent longevity both in relationship and future Aranama wellness. This particular embassy is located at the central district on the designated area where all three races could have neutral access to this building. The pillar crest that resemble a triangle is the main insignia for this embassy. It represent Three Pillars of Balance (Diversity, Awareness, and Order).


  First oath to open up the mind and accept anyone with any race and any background. Without judging and without bias. They're Aranama resident and they're part of you as well.


  Second oath to train your sensitivity to assess the situation and calmly take the decision without hesitation. To feel what they feel and to understand their pain. They're your brother and sister.


  Last oath to maintain peace and order inside mothership. To guide the resident and to protect them from harm. You are the voice for the voiceless.

Opening Hour

  Treyah usualy open its door for all the citizen up to six hours per day, and when they closed their door. All of the citizen can still submit their request through e-mails or letter of request directly outside the building at the designated data filters. All of the submitted data shall be reviewed in the following day and feedback will be given as soon as possible to the recipient. Treyah also designated to be able to handle documents regarding visitation to another race. It will take some time however the process is not really that intricate. It is just an interview to indicate your purpose of visit and necessary document such as Birth Certificate and reference from your next of kin.

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