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This movement is not just an exchange of information. It is to convey a perpetuate emotion.
-Arnama Resident

Language through hand movements

  Main usage of Sokki occurs when someone would like to communicate between races without garnering too much of a attention. This particular sign language was invented a couple years back when a romance bloom between a human and the awakened animals. Both of them have an image that they need to maintain in social stature. However, they're dying to convey their feeling to one another in public. So, in between jobs they would meet up secretly in various places inside Aranama. Organizing this intricate hand gestures and movement, it includes finger twirling, extension, flexion, and etc. Both of them starts from a simple A B C and numbers. Then it escalate to one word exchange, then a sentence, then a poem, and it keep evolving to the points they could exchange a conversation daily while masking it as a dance, mobility movements, and combat martial art.

Current use of Sokki

  After both of them fully stop developing Sokki, they decided to teach this art secretly through a song. They will promptly put a VR poster throughout Aranama data sphere that says "Sing the song of duality". This poster garner some attention from the residence and the session proceed with an instrumental song   With this song, all of the participants follow the guidance from the instructors. Just like a torrent of information that flooded inside their neural connections. All of them instantly knew that this is more than just a song and movements. It is a confession, an exchange of feelings through body language and finger movements. After solid thirty minutes of this exercise, word of mouth spreads and the follower grows in number. Twas little at first but the regeneration of this secret language will not die anytime soon. Not very soon.

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