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S-B aka SnowBall

There's always two sides of every story
-Aranama Overseer

A pet or a livestock?

  S-B is a code name for a spherical creature with minuscule limbs and beautiful fur. The shape of this creature is circular and resemble a sphere. Not only that, this creature also pale white in color. Children often call it "Snowball", the naming stuck and people around Aranama call it S.B for short.   S.B white fur is valuable as a clothing necessity when it comes to flexibility and also it could be use as a base material for waterproofing material. Some of the official clothing for Aranama officers are made from S.B white fur base, since it is a good material for thermoregulation to maintain your level of comfort after long period of time to work.   Besides fur, S.B is really popular among kids. Even though it looks like a ball of fur, but this creature is able to understand a simple common words such as "Sit" , "Roll Around" , "Come Here" , and etc. It is a common sight when you see children are playing with S.B all around the place telling them to roll around and feed them Herbal Grass as a treat. S.B could provide a great companionship for every race.

Means of communicating

  S-B is not able to speak in common tongue, however it could understand some of the simple command words. It could only let out a deep audible grumble when it tries to respond to something. The length of the grumble could determine the mood of S-B. Longer grumble could indicate that it is currently enjoy what its doing at the moment. Short and sharp grumble could indicate that it is currently hating what its doing at the moment.

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