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This is a case where the strong preys on the weak.

Predators and prey always coexist. That's why we have galleries as well as photographers. -Bill Jay

Top of the food chains.

Onnirians are the species that reside in Planet Aria. They resemble a creature from earth that belong in Canis Genus. Onnirians is a carnivore that hunt in packs and their sets of weapons are their adaptability with the surroundings. If they're placed in a terrain with myriads of rocks, Onnirians will develop a thick and hard-rock like skins to prevent any damages on their vital organs. If they're residing around an area with lots of water, then they'll develop a membrane in between their paws to imitate gecko feet in order for them to adapt on a watery surface or even perhaps they might grow a sets of ability to release a high pressure water blast from their mouth in order to capture their prey with elevated efficiency.  

Keeping their Lineage

Male Onnirians usually have a distinctive large fangs to show dominance and vigor in order to attract potential partners while mating season. Male Onnirians also smaller in size compare to the female however they make it up with their speed when they're on four.   Female Onnirians are treated like a queen. They're massive in size in comparison to the males, also the females only have tiny fangs, efficient enough to tear apart meats and prey, however their favorite method is to overwhelmed their prey with their overwhelming size and crushing the unlucky prey to bits and pieces. When it comes to mating season, the female will choose their partner based on the kill counts as well as their fangs aesthetic. During the childbirth period, the female will not be able to move anywhere due to the intense pain of labor and she will give birth in batches of five. It will took solid sixty minutes to push all of them out and in this period all of males Onnirians will be very territorials.  

Bullets? Weapons? Not a chance.

Burn them with FIRE!!

Taking them out with usual bullets or archaic weapons such as sword or hammer will do little to no harm to them. Onnirians possess a moderate resistance with blunt and sharp weapons. Bullets will do some damage but it'll not be enough to finish them off. Wound them, yes but kill Onnirians with bullet? I don't think so.   Some hunters found out by accident while he lights up his lighter to smoke. Onnirians shows some sensitive response to intense heat. This particular hunter relay this information to Aranama and now the colony is fully equipped with fire-imbued weapons as a safety measure when a pack of Onnirians decided to show up.

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