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Machine Tuner

I don't understand. All I do is tuning their machine & now you're banning me from my life work?
-Aranama Machine Tuner

Machine Tuner is deemed dangerous!

  Recent incident happened at the market district where some machinery and equipment starts to go malfunction and endanger some of the resident. The resident file a public complaint mentioning that this is the Tuner fault due to their lack of professionalism.   This banned has been passed by the representatives and from that moment on. Machine Tuner is deemed as a lousy job and publicly opening up services to fine tuning a machine is prohibited. This cause a major uproar from the worker, leading to a massive hearing from everyone as well as the representatives.   With this adjustment, machine tuning is allowed up to certain extend of fine tuning, over-tuning the machine will lead to a formal punishment of mandatory civil work to repair houses and district without any compensation. Refusing to comply will lead to hours of confinement.

Degree of Safety

  After that safety law has been passed around. There are major changes when it comes to Machine Tuning, if you're happened to be one. Here are the changes:  

Modifications are not allowed

  Tuning the performance or enhancing the machine is not allowed to be over the maximum capacity of the machine. I.E: If you're tuning a vehicle, tuner is not allowed to upgrade the vehicle. He/she only allowed to enhance up to the machine written capacity. Over than that the tuner will in for a bad time.  

No deviation from the original machine purpose

  Sometimes tuner will get some ideas in their head and tries to invent something from the existing machine. In this case, it is no longer prohibited to tune/enhance a machine to deviate from its original purpose. I.E: Modifying a firefighter robot into something that could tackle both fire and demons.

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