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Aranama Earth Festival

Earth Festival is all about bounties from Earth.
-Aranama Chef

Time to reminisce

  This is one of the notable festival in Aranama where human tries to cook some dishes that remind them of the good old Earth. The dish could be vary from simple salad and fruit variations alongside with some savory treat.   Friendly cooking competition also takes place to get the privilege of obtaining various prize. It ranges from raw ingredients for cooking all the way to your own personal clothing material. Besides from the prize, the winner also get the honorary title of "Chef of the Year". To acknowledge the creativity, efforts, and technique that's been use to create the winning dish.


  Since this is a competition, the judging process needs to be objective and not subjective. Hence, the judge will come from non-human representative. This is when Elementals and Awakened Animals plays a vital role in judging. The lineup consist of two awakened animals and one elemental as an overseer of taste. Each and every year theme will be different and every contestant will be judge by three things.   Creativity, Adaptability, and Taste.  


  Will determine if the contestant have any vision from the dish that they would like to create. Their imagination will partake in this journey to distinguish their dish above anyone else.


  Rations are limited and ingredients are limited as well here in Aranama. This is a test to see if the contestant are capable to produce something that can cater to non-human patron.  


    Of course, this is one of the most important factor as well. Everyone eats with their eye first but ultimately they'll need to process the food with their palate.

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