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Ancient Phonograph

Music is the highest form of art. It'll move your soul.
-Aranama Resident

Roots of Music

  Music plays a big part in Aranama since it calm them down and reduce casualty. The art of recording one voice was invented in 1940s when Phonograph was invented. It allows human and the other races to enjoy sets of music. Then it evolve into something that Aranama hold dear.

Mark of Aranama Effort

  Phonograph was lost in the written records and there is little to none documents about it. It was lost due to the Earth Corruption. Toxic fumes from the unstable weather keep brewing to the point it wiped out some of the civilization and left nothing but rust and dust. However, Phonograph still left a mark on Earth resident. The survivors from the old Earth enhance the idea of phonograph into three dimension projectile of simulation alongside with the song. They named it Variya or Singing Machine in common tongue. Variya made its debut inside Aranama AV Hall. When each representative tries to show a result of their joint effort to increase productivity in Aranama. They also announced that Variya is now available for the resident if they wish to purchase it for themselves.

Variya Usage

  Variya is now a common instrument that can be used by everyone. It is hexagon in design and it could be integrated with your personal pads or even your vehicle. With ease of access: Variya comes with three sizes. Small, Medium, and Large. Small Variya could be used for personal use. Medium could be used for common room to cater up to multiple people. Large usually utilize for large scale event such as concert or emergency broadcast to the whole Aranama section.

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