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The War of the Heirnth Coalition

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it became clear that the Heartlander Houses could not usurp House Vauquelin (of the Mysteries) from their seat of power, the Szarvas. This massive belt of grasslands, extending approximately 8,300 km from the mountains of Tsagadai" to the Great Rift, is the ancestral home of the Vauqelins and the world's main source of iridium. The Houses of the Coalition had bound together to lessen the Vauquelins' hold over iridium and though they all spoke of fair prices and trade agreements, each hoped to make as much profit as possible. The armies reached no further than the Gol River before they had to turn back after suffering immense casualties. The wisest families, tasting enough of bitter defeat, returned home with what spoils of war they took. Some lingered on Asura, building settlements along the coastline and neighbouring islands. These were picked clean over the years by pirates or the Asuran Houses like vultures ripping apart dying prey.
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