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A small town on the edge of the Shimmerwood Forest, Wayford was originally founded as a timber settlement. Unfortunately, the creatures of the forest fought back, causing the timber industry to almost cease operations. As the industry failed, the town began focusing on agriculture, working the fertile and untouched fields south of Wayford.   Since its inception, tales of the Ancient and secluded Elves that inhabit the Shimmerwood forest have grown, even becoming bedtime stories to warn children to avoid the forest at night. Very seldom does anyone from Wayford venture into the Shimmerwood Forest, claiming those who did were never seen after. This paranoia only increased after a recent plague influenced by the fey threatened the town.


Wayford's leadership consists of Baron Tavon Lysander, whose family founded the city a century prior and a priestess from the Illuminated Church, the Nolimon Alvirina. Even with her Elvish roots, Alvirina quickly won the populace's trust thanks to her skills in helping with the recent plague. While Baron Lysander acts as governance and enlists militia aid, Alvirina serves as a spiritual guide.


Wayford Plague

Wayford was recently gripped by the Wilting Cough Plague. As discovered by the Sunrise Court, the Wilting Cough was Fey Prince Valyn's attempt to enrich the mortals of Erenel and bring them closer to Al'Madoon, the Architect.   After showing the Fey Prince the error of his ways, the Wayford Plague was immediately ceased, and any still under the plague's influence was freed. Unfortunately, the Wilting Cough Plague was responsbile for the death of nearly half of Wayford's population.
Founding Date
516 EoIF
Owning Organization

Quest Hooks

  • The local blacksmith, Maris Torvil, suspects a new merchant in Wayford Square is sabotaging other merchants to take advantage of the economic woes following the plague. Maris hires the group to investigate and to see if his suspicions are true.
  • Priestess Alvirina hires the characters to investigate the forest's edge. She fears that if any cocoons remain from the Wilting Cough, it could pose a threat and see the plague's return.
  • Important Locations

    Mistfoot Hovel

    The Softpaw Mira Mistfoot has taken residence in a hillside hovel outside of town, hoping to investigate the aftereffects of the plague. An intelligent apothecary who lacks bedside manner, Mistfoot’s brashness and lack of empathy have earned her the distrust of Baron Lysander and most of the townsfolk.

    Wayford Square

    The sole market area of Wayford is Wayford Square, which takes up a large portion of the small town’s overall landscape. Several stalls wrap around the square, selling various goods and imports from Grenchester and beyond. Because of the town’s size, news quickly spreads amongst the locals when a new merchant sets up shop.

    Wild Spirits Inn

    A small rustic inn alongside the market square, currently the town’s only tavern, is notable for its massive fireplace where a painting of Cedric, a well-respected local and member of the town militia, was slain by woodland spirits. Cedric’s death has further fanned the flames of hatred against the Shimmerwood Forest Elves.   The grouchy and cantankerous Agatha and her daughter Thyria currently own the inn. Sadly, Thyria is Cedric’s widow, and while sweet and helpful, she is often distant in conversation. Regulars watch over Thyria as if she were one of their own and protect their “little sister.”


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